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Estate Planning:
health care directives
Our estate planning services include preparation of revocable living trusts, wills, powers of attorney for property management, advance health care directives, property agreements and other planning documents. We advise clients how they may structure their estate plans to minimize estate, gift and generation skip tax liability in making transfers to beneficiaries and how to avoid the expense of court proceedings upon death or incapacity. We also review the possible tax implications of the timing and manner of transfers to beneficiaries, for example, whether it is more advantageous to make lifetime gifts or to transfer property on death.

In assisting clients, we work hard to carefully ascertain the client’s needs and concerns, to understand existing family dynamics and to craft a personalized estate plan. We review various options with the client for how property may be managed during the client’s lifetime and upon death, and we review whether any ongoing asset management is necessary for particular beneficiaries. We also address special issues such as planning for beneficiaries who are entitled to public benefits, planning for clients and beneficiaries who are not U.S. citizens, planning for pets and other issues.

Post-Death Trust Administration, Probate and Estate Administration:

When a person passes away, we work with surviving family members and/or named fiduciaries to administer the decedent’s trust and nontrust assets and to distribute property as required. We review the decedent’s assets and estate planning documents to determine whether a court proceeding is necessary, and then we provide whatever services are required to administer the decedent’s trust and/or estate. 

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